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Ohio Board of Pharmacy Remains Silent 🤫 on Tier System for Ohio Medical Marijuana Program

1 year has passed since Ohio's Medical Marijuana Advisory Board voted to remove the tier system in Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program. The time for public comments has long has passed . Many patients have forgotten this change was approved.

There are many problems with Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program. One of the big problems is access .

Removing the tier system would allow patients to make decisions on medical marijuana plant material based on the strain, lineage ,terpenes and the effects instead of only THC.

This wasn't the only major change that was considered last year . Another change was in regards to the daily unit.

Currently a 2 day unit of plant material is 2.83 grams

The new change would have changed it a 2.5 grams unit for 1 day allowing patients to get a total of 5 grams of plant material and only using 2 days .

Currently Ohio Medical Marijuana Patients can purchase a 5.6 unit of plant material which will use 3 to 4 days depending on which tier it is .

The tier system has two tiers

Low thc 22.9 percent and lower

High thc 23 percent to 35.

These percentages can be up to 5 percent over these numbers and still be in compliance with the law .

This system is very complicated and confusing for patients to manage. No other legal licensed medical cannabis program operates the way Ohio does.

There is more however these 2 changes alone would have made a huge difference for Ohio Medical Marijuana patients.

It is my duty to continue to remind patients we must hold our government accountable in regards to how our medical marijuana program is operated.

It is important Ohio Medical Marijuana patients continue to followup with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory in regards to rule changes in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program. You can email 📧 the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Board via this email address

You can copy me on your email at

Anthony Riley is a legal licensed Ohio Medical Marijuana patient and founder of Ohio Cannabis Live and Ohio Medical Cannabis Group.

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