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Read Ohio SB86: A Threat to Medical Marijuana, Home Grow, and THC Caps Under Issue 2

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

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Updated at 1:41am 12/5/2023

Don't want to read all this watch the first hb86 committee hearing 12/4/23

Original source the Ohio Channel

Summary: Ohio SB86

With Ohio's Issue 2 on the brink of ushering in adult-use cannabis legalization effective December 7th, 2023, the impending hearings on Ohio SB-86 demand immediate attention. This proposed amendment stands to significantly alter anticipated cannabis regulations, impacting various aspects of cannabis use within the state.

Key Amendments Proposed:

  1. Home Grow Prohibition: Ohio SB-86 seeks to eliminate provisions allowing individuals to grow cannabis at home, stripping away this fundamental right and potentially curbing personal autonomy in cultivation.

  2. THC Caps Adjustment: The proposal aims to lower existing THC limits on medical marijuana products, which could limit patient access to specific treatments or therapies available in higher THC concentrations.

  3. Dispensary License Limitations: The amendment could restrict the number of available dispensary licenses, possibly leading to reduced accessibility to cannabis products for patients.

  4. Tax increases on rec sales to 15 percent .

  5. Ohio medical cannabis patients can not smoke.

  6. Adds tax to cultivators

  7. Adds new restrictions to hemp industry related to d8 and other goods sold in cbd shops .

  8. No money for social equity.

  9. Nothing about espungment.

  10. Allows landlords to evict people for using cannabis.

  11. Allows employers to fire people for using cannabis.

Given the imminent commencement of hearings – set to continue until Issue 2's effective date – it's vital for affected individuals to swiftly grasp the potential implications. An understanding of these proposed amendments and potential involvement in the legislative process is crucial.

Explore the Complete SB-86 Language:

Click the button below to access the complete text of Ohio House Bill 86 and delve deeper into the proposed amendments.

Email Committee Members

Chairman Rulli

(614) 466-8285

VC Schuring


Senator McColley


Sen Gavarone


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Are they also trying to make hemp-derived products illegal as well? Or am I not reading that section correctly?

Ohio Cannnabis Live
Ohio Cannnabis Live
04 de dez. de 2023
Respondendo a

Adding new restrictions to punish hemp industry too

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