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Sunset Sherbet Badder by Woodward Fine Cannabis Ohio

Woodward Fine Cannabis has finally released their first few rounds of concentrates. The price is much lower than other processors. I purchased my product at Strawberry fields Columbus for 55 dollars before 7.5 percent sales tax and my 30 percent off indigent discount. My final total was 41.39 ..I can say this is a very reasonable price other processors need to take notice why pay more than 55 dollars for .84 of any concentrate when Woodward Buterfly effect and sometimes Klutch are offering units for under 60 before taxes .

If you want to see my full review with here it is below

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Tyler Baker
Tyler Baker
Jul 30, 2022

Finally!!! I’m gonna have to go find this! Thanks for the review I’ll check out the YouTube one as well

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