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Ohio's Home Grow Rights Under Threat: Republican Rep. Gary Click Proposes Critical Amendment HB341

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Attention !, Ohio Residents! A significant development is looming over the cherished home grow rights guaranteed by Ohio Issue 2. This alarming proposal, championed by Republican Representative Gary Click, could disrupt the fundamental right of Ohioans to cultivate cannabis in their homes.

The current legislation, Issue 2, grants Ohio residents the liberty to cultivate up to six cannabis plants per individual or twelve per household. However, Representative Gary Click's proposed amendment, H.B. No. 341, is shaking the foundations of these established rights, potentially revoking this provision.

The proposed amendment seeks to create various funds in the state treasury to manage revenue from the adult-use tax, with far-reaching implications for Ohio's cannabis landscape. If implemented, these funds would receive a significant portion of the tax, altering the very essence of Ohio's cannabis taxation and regulation.

The most concerning aspect of this proposed amendment lies in its potential restriction on home grow rights, an issue that resonates deeply with Ohio residents. It puts in jeopardy the ability of individuals and households to cultivate their cannabis plants, directly challenging the rights initially established under Issue 2.

Moreover, this proposal could grant municipalities the power to restrict or limit the number of adult-use cannabis operators, thus impacting the accessibility and availability of cannabis products across various regions of Ohio.

The looming vote on December 6, 2023, holds immense significance for Ohio residents' rights to home grow cannabis. The potential revocation or restrictions on home grow rights are pivotal issues that demand our attention and action.

Let's Act Now!

This critical moment calls for collective action and awareness. The threat to Ohio's home grow rights demands our attention and united efforts. It's crucial to spread awareness about the potential ramifications of Representative Gary Click's proposed amendment.

Your voice matters! Share this post across social media platforms to amplify awareness. Together, let's ensure our fellow Ohioans are informed and empowered to protect their home grow rights. By raising our voices collectively, we can influence change and preserve our fundamental rights.

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Read Ohio House bill 341 by clicking the button below

Do you think Republicans have enough support to make changes to the part of the law related to home grow ?

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Unfortunately, Republicans have a Super Majority in the State and the Governor's own son in as Supreme Court Justice. I hope I am wrong, but I see home grow being taken and taxes being hiked.


I read it a second time and it is potentially worse. Keep in mind I’m not a lawyer though so take this with a grain of salt. By axing that whole section of Issue 2, I think that would even allow a city or township to still outlaw possession or use.

It doesn’t sound like this bill is part of the changes that the House/Senate:Governor were talking about though so hopefully this bill isn’t going to go anyplace.

I’m going to point out to my representative that this goes against their very own logic that having a patchwork of local laws surrounding things like flavored tobacco and vapes is a bad thing for Ohio, so how would this be an…

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