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Ohio medical cannabis group

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Hello members welcome to a much more focused platform we talk about cannabis here nothing else. Feel free to post any deals you find on cbd or legal ohio medical cannabis. No black market post are permitted.

All post are reviewed by me Anthony Riley the owner of this website and founder of Ohio Cannabis Live. I don't believe in spam so you will not see strange advertisements on my website or with in my app. My website and my app are hosted by I have purchased security for my website i will eventually be upgrading it .

Please respect 🙏each other No bullying No hate speech No Polictics unless it is directly related to legalization of cannabis a good example would be the More Act .

If you want to have a discussion about other legal cannabis states I encourage you to set up your own message board about that topic its in separate section of the website.

You can also access the online menus for ohio dispensaries on my website its in the menu at the top of the website.

Feel free to contact me directly via the website or social media if you have any questions concerns.

I am one person trying to make difference to bring everyone together.

Anthony Riley




Linda Bahen Swenski
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