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join Ohio Cannabis Lobby Day 10/13/2021

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Drop the Tier System

You can send the Ohio Board of Pharmacy a email to tell them to drop the tier system . just click the link and your email app will launch the subject and email address will already be filled in 



Patients can renew their doctors recommendation  for a low price  . Once you complete the contact form we will email you back with a doctors info

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The Full Story

Ohio Cannabis Live  was founded by Anthony Riley aka Mastamynd . Anthony Riley has a traumatic brain injury and  is a disabled American.  He has also become a patient advocate for Ohio Medical Marijuana patients who have trouble navigating Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program. Anthony Riley  wants to help his community learn about the benefits of medical marijuana.  Anthony Riley  has also created several support groups on Facebook to help patients have a forum to ask questions and help each other . Anthony uses YouTube and Facebook to create educational content and Ohio medical marijuana products reviews.  He has also been able to tour several legal Ohio Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Processor locations.  Anthony was also one of the first Ohio Medical Marijuana Patients to make a purchase of legal medical marijuana on day one 1/16/2019. Since then he has visited 28 of 49 operational Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries .He also has a Ohio Medical Marijuana strain named in his honor called Mastamynd kush