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47 Ohio Localities Rush to Ban Recreational Marijuana Sales


Written by Mastamynd

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47 Ohio Localities Rush to Ban Recreational Marijuana Sales

With recreational cannabis sales on track to begin in June of 2024 47 Ohio localities have already banned recreational sales. Some localities already have medical cannabis businesses but the new law does not allow cities to ban medical cannabis businesses only recreational ones. There are 924 incorporated municipalities and 1,307 townships in the state. A lot of the bans are centered around the Cleveland and Cincinnati suburbs. Cleveland Columbus and Cincinnati are places that already have a large number of Medical Cannabis dispensaries it doesn't make sense that the localities around these major cities are the ones who are against legal cannabis sales. Many of these localities need all kinds of road and infrastructure repairs. Instead of trying to pass levies, they could use tax revenue from recreational cannabis sales to improve their community.

Many Ohio residents continue to drive to Michigan to buy cannabis products. Ohio has already begun to raise prices on medical cannabis products with the excuse they are getting ready for recreational sales in June. Even with home growing people are still going to hemp shops and out-of-state dispensaries to find cannabis products. Ohio will need to be competitive with Michigan and the other legal states to attract recreational cannabis consumers.

To reduce the total number of bans on recreational cannabis Ohio residents need to speak directly to local leaders and demand they follow the will of Ohio voters. We need more cannabis town hall meetings to educate public officials about legal cannabis in Ohio.

With cannabis rescheduling around the corner Ohio localities need to prepare for what's coming as more cannabis businesses come online and the demand for legal cannabis rises.

Do you think Ohio localities should have the right to ban recreational cannabis sales without some votes from residents? Do you think there will be people who stop going to Michigan when rec sales begin in Ohio?

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