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Before you go Michigan to by Medical Cannabis you might want to look at this

Time and time again I hear people complaining about Ohio's Medical Cannabis program and how Michigan is so much better and cheaper.

Well so many people are so just excited to be able to buy legal cannabis they don't really read the product labels carefully .

Someone sent me a picture of a label for a product from a licensed Michigan dispensary and it clearly says the thc and cbd percent can be off by up to 10% . Ohio only has 5% variance.

Not to mention it is currently illegal to bring Michigan cannabis to ohio . Ohio has been selling ounces of medical cannabis under for under 300 dollars for some time even as low as 160 a ounce at 1 shop. So prices have fallen in some areas other places not so much.

The draw for a lot of patients is Michigan cannabis is packaged in the traditional amounts seen in the black market.

Example the smallest unit that can be purchased in ohio is 2.8 grams in Michigan you can purchase a gram and up .

Michigan also sells 3.5 units while ohio sells 5.6 units.

Another draw is Michigan has 2.5 ounce daily buy limit with max of 10 ounces in a 30 day period. This is far more than Ohio's 3 to 4 ounces in a 45 day period.

Thc percentages are not the most important for a cannabis plant the lineage and terpene profile is what matters.

Michigan didn't even test for thc until late 2019 early 2020. So for almost 10 years they didn't even test for thc in cannabis flower unless it was a edible vape or concentrate and even that was spotty at best .

If your are considering going to Michigan to buy medical cannabis its best to use weedmaps and iheart jane to do price comparisons don't focus in on the weight look at the prices with taxes also factor your driving time and gas..Also I suggest staying a for weekend so you can enjoy the sale visit more than one shop. A lot of people will just go to the closest shop near ohio board and actually over pay because the shops are waiting for Ohio's customers. They even brag about taking in our money 💰 .

If you want true variety its gonna be in Detroit Michigan not Morenci or Adrian yes they have a few shops. However Detroit has more than 10 that are on the same road 8 mile road more that 20 in the city.

Since there are more shops there is much more competition.

If you are in ohio and don't want to goto Michigan I suggest you travel to Central Ohio which has 7 to.8 shops near or in Columbus.

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Kate Spelman RN
Kate Spelman RN
Jan 30, 2021

Thank you for this very informative and thorough discussion article. Very helpful

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