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Breaking News Buckeye Relief Ohio will offer Willie Nelson Products.

Under a special license agreement Buckeye Relief Ohio will be selling the Willie Nelson product line .

Here is the some details on the strains that will be available soon.

  • Sunshine Lime (S) Citrus, sweet, and fruity. Large, dense buds have light mint green hue with sparkling trichomes coating nearly every surface of the flower. Aroma calls to mind a tropical breeze with a diesel undertone. Major Terpenes: MYR, bPNE, LME, LIN, CAR

  • Koko (H) Nice round buds, hints of purple and dark green, with regular spots of bright purple and abundant trichomes. Grainy, nutty notes, and small hints of berry. Major Terpenes: MYR, bPNE, LME, LIN

  • Indica strain yet to be announced

More detail on how these product are different from Other Buckeye Relief flower Products.

Buckeye Relief has adopted Willie's tried and true grow, dry, trim and packaging techniques . All these products will be 5.6 units in glass jars and will have Willie's Reserve seal of approval.

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