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Yes you read that correctly YouTube has stated Ohio Cannabis Live violated their community guidelines with a video Ohio Cannabis Live did comparing a pax era battery to a pax era pro battery. Claiming the video promoted the sell of regulated goods . The video was about the battery not the pods themselves. In the video I provided useful information about the benefits of these devices from a medical standpoint the video in had disclaimer at the beginning.

Ohio Cannabis Live has made several educational videos about pax . Ohio Cannabis Live has no partnership with Pax . This is very troubling that youtube is punishing Ohio Cannabis Live for a video I uploaded years ago.

After the 7 day ban we will be allowed post but if we get another strike the ban will be longer and also they could just take channel down completely.

This why it's important for everyone to support the website. We have videos here and I will be making content that will only be available on the site I am tired the stess anxiety with YouTube. I will continue to post videos but they will be more reserved in the future. The Channel has almost 400k views since 2019.

The Ohio Cannabis Community will not be silenced by social media this one of main reasons we created the Ohio Cannabis website.

Anthony Riley is the founder of Ohio Cannabis Live ane he personally wrote this post .

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