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Cresco buys Columbia Care

Ohio patients learned today that Cresco Labs at multi state marijuana operator is moving to purchase Columbia Care Ohio . Currently Cresco owns 5 Ohio Dispensaries which is the states limit . There are 4 Columbia Care Dispensaries which used to be Strawberry Fields . Cresco bought 4 of its shops from Verdant Creations which is actually owned by a company known as Hon and rebranded them Sunnyside . So its very hard for Ohio patients to keep up with these changes . I just want to get at the heart of my concern about this merger . Columbia Care currently is one a few Ohio Dispensaries that stack daily or weekly discounts on top of veteran and indigent discounts which saves patients a lot of money . When Cresco bought all of the Verdant locations except 1 they ended the stacking discounts . So its likely that once Cresco takes control of Columbia Care it will end the stacking discounts . Cresco and Columbia care also have a Ohio Cultivators License and a Ohio Processor License. These companies merging would have Cresco breaking the states rules on limits for licensing . Since this has never been done many are left wondering what the state will do . We like to get a interview with someone from Cresco to provide more information . All we know for sure this is one of the biggest Marijuana mergers in US history and also that this has been in the making for a while under a special code name and this transaction involves billions of dollars . Hopefully patients wont loose the stacking discount . I have not been able to tour either one of these places but I would love to take a tour and see what's going on at both of these places .

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Sara Beavis
Sara Beavis
Jul 17, 2022

This is such BS. I'm so effing poor and with inflation and no more stacking discounts. God why do they always kick us when we're down. I might be one less customer for them. I've had my card and indigent status and I've been able to stack for 4 years. I'm so mad at everything but also feel like crying.

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