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Daily Deals 4/10/2020

Pure Ohio wellness


Ohio Grown Therapies

* Friday Deals at OGT! *


*valid 4/10/2020

20% off all Standard WellnessProducts

20% off Firelands Scientific CBD Rich Tincture

15% off Buckeye Relief Flower

15% off Wana Watermelon Gummies

10% off one 2.83g //15% off two 2.83g

10% off Wellspring Fields 5.66g Weekend in Marseille

10% off Calyx PeakVapes // Catfish + OGKush

Stay Safe + Stay Healthy


Ohio Provisions




Bloom Medicinals

Its Friday! Last day to:

Get 20% OFF all Cure Ohio products!

Available at all Bloom Medicinals locations

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The forest


Clubhouse dispensary


Mad river Remides

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