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Medical Marijuana User Fighting Drug Charges After Traffic Stop

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


In Liberty Township, Ohio, a medical marijuana patient is fighting drug charges after a traffic stop led to the seizure of cannabis and paraphernalia. The incident, which was captured on both dashcam and bodycam footage, shows police officers approaching the car of Seth Dehart after they had pulled him over for a minor traffic violation.

During the stop, officers noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car and asked Dehart if he had any drugs in the vehicle. Dehart, who is a medical marijuana cardholder, informed the officers that he had a small amount of cannabis and a vape pen in the car. He also showed them his medical marijuana card and explained that he uses the drug to manage chronic pain.

Despite Dehart's compliance and legal status as a medical marijuana patient, the officers searched his car and found a lockbox in the trunk containing cannabis, a vaporizer, and other paraphernalia. Dehart was then arrested and charged with drug possession and drug paraphernalia.

This incident raises important questions about the rights of medical marijuana patients and the actions of law enforcement. Many advocates for marijuana legalization argue that cases like Dehart's highlight the need for clearer laws and policies around medical marijuana use. They also argue that law enforcement should be better educated about the rights of medical marijuana patients and the proper way to handle such situations.

Dehart's case is still ongoing, and it remains to be seen how it will ultimately be resolved. However, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by medical marijuana patients and the need for clear and fair laws to protect their rights.

In conclusion, Medical marijuana use is legal in Ohio and many other states, but the legal system is still catching up with the changing times and laws. Medical marijuana cardholders should always carry their card and documentation with them, but even with a valid card, they may still be subject to arrest and seizure of their medicine if they are not in compliance with state laws. It is important for individuals to understand the laws in their state and to advocate for fair and sensible policies.

Watch Interview with the patient

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