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Michigan Suspends Marijuana Processor for Illicit THC Oil: Advice for Ohio Consumers

Michigan recently suspended a marijuana processor for using illicit THC oil in their products. This poses concerns for Ohio residents planning to travel to Michigan for cannabis purchases. In this blog post, we provide advice to help Ohio consumers make informed decisions when seeking cannabis products in Michigan.

  1. The Incident: Michigan Suspends Marijuana Processor: In February 2023, a Michigan marijuana processor was suspended for using illicit THC oil in their products. This raises safety and quality concerns, as untested and unapproved products may pose health risks.

  2. Risks of Illicit THC Oil: Illicit products lack proper testing, consistent quality, and accurate labeling. Consumers may face health risks, unknown potency, and potential contamination from harmful substances.

  3. Tips for Ohio Consumers Seeking Cannabis in Michigan:

  • Research licensed dispensaries with a reputation for quality and transparent sourcing.

  • Verify product labels for complete information and suspicious labeling.

  • Prefer products that have undergone third-party lab testing for quality and safety.

  • Engage with knowledgeable budtenders at licensed dispensaries for guidance.

  • Prioritize safety and legitimacy over cost and convenience.

Conclusion: Ohio consumers traveling to Michigan for cannabis purchases should be cautious. Research licensed dispensaries, verify product labels, demand third-party lab testing, engage with budtenders, and prioritize safety and legitimacy. By following these tips, Ohio residents can make informed decisions and protect their health when purchasing cannabis in Michigan.


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