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New Changes coming to dispensaries ? By: Lee Roach

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

In Ohio, medical marijuana has been legal since 2016, but lawmakers are still working out the kinks in the regulation of dispensaries. Recently, a bill was introduced that would make significant changes to the state's medical marijuana program.

One of the main goals of the proposed legislation is to increase access to medical marijuana for patients. Under the current system, there are a limited number of dispensaries in the state, which can make it difficult for some patients to obtain the medicine they need. The new bill would increase the number of dispensaries.

Another important change is the creation of a new agency to oversee the medical marijuana program. The agency would be responsible for licensing and regulating dispensaries, as well as ensuring that the program is operating in compliance with state law.

There are also provisions in the bill aimed at ensuring that patients are receiving high-quality medical marijuana products. For example, it would require testing of all medical marijuana products for purity and potency, and would establish a system for tracking marijuana from seed to sale.

Overall, the proposed changes to Ohio's medical marijuana program seem like a step in the right direction. By increasing access and improving regulation, patients may be able to more easily obtain the medicine they need. It remains to be seen whether the bill will pass and become law, but it's clear that lawmakers are taking the issue seriously and working to improve the state's medical marijuana program.

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