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OHIO CANNABIS LIVE Blocked on Facebook

Hello everyone Facebook has tried to silence me again for no reason I posted a picture of some weed and put nothing is for sale in the post and my account was restricted then the restrictions where lifted and the reapplied to my account today. I don't understand how companies that are selling products and promoting sales are not flagged . Examples Hightimes Weedmaps and other celebrities are somehow exempt from Facebook or Meta whatever they want to be called . This all began with a post I made on Instagram that was just a picture and a short message saying the strain is good for daytime use but wrote nothing is for sale following that ..I have attached screen shots of the original post and the Facebook response. This is why I built this website I was tied of getting this messages and not being able to speak to people on social media. Facebook has become so big people glaze over its power to control narrative or direct people's attention to a particular topic or event . On this website we can post sales we find pictures of cannabis and anything else that is related to cannabis in general.

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