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Ohio Cannabis Live Reaches New Milestone

For Immediate Release

Author Anthony D Riley Founder of Ohio Cannabis Live

Ohio Cannabis Live was founded by Anthony D Riley in 2019 . After 4 years and over 550 videos later we have reached 300k views on the YouTube platform. Ohio Cannabis Live has a massive social media footprint that includes YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter Discord Reddit and Pintrest in addition to its own private social media platform.

Thank you to everyone for supporting the platform.

I am still recovering from several things but there isn't anything that is gonna stop me from success. With your love and support I will keep going. Ohio Cannabis Live isn't just a YouTube page or a website it's a community of its own.

Feel free to submit articles for me to post on my blog . I can help you setup your own discussion board. It's completely free of charge.

As we continue to grow we will need you to spread the word about this website. Tell anyone who supports cannabis they need to have this site on speed dial. 😁

Last get you some Ohio Cannabis Live merchandise it's free shipping to all members of the site .

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Congratulations 👏🎉💚💚💚 your hard work is paying off and your helping so many people! I'm so proud of you.


Danny Lee Johnson
Danny Lee Johnson
Apr 24, 2023

Congratulations man! Good to see you’re growing!! Growing subs but not the plant lol.


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