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Ohio Could See Recreational Marijuana Sales in June

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Ohio Could See Recreational Marijuana Sales in June

Many Ohio residents continue to travel to Michigan to get cannabis or purchase from other sources that are not tested or regulated. Governor Mike Dwine tried to rush recreational sales urging the Senate and House to pass amendments to the law that would have increased taxes and also reduced the number of plants Ohio residents could grow. Anthony D Riley testified against SB86 which was a bill proposed by the Senate that would have cut home grow to 6 plants instead of 12 and would have just made everything more costly and given tax revenue to the law enforcement and prisons"The House did not support the proposal."The House tried to pass a bill that was not much better it wanted to ban cannabis sharing and raise taxes on consumers and growers. It also wanted to make it a crime if you were caught smoking cannabis in your car it would be 3 days in jail.

That was in December of last year today the Department of Cannabis has suggested they could begin allowing existing Ohio Medical Cannabis Dispensaries to apply for a dual license as soon as the first week of June of 2024. This could set the stage for sales to begin as soon as the Department of Cannabis Control also known as the DCC issues licenses to these Dispensaries.

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Many people are still not excited about these new dispensaries opening this will lead to increased traffic and longer wait times at the dispensary as well as product shortages. As we approach 420 many people are gearing up for all kinds of celebrations and events unfortunately the DCC has not published any rules regarding cannabis events, seed and clone sales, or consumption facilities. Many believe they can sell seeds and clones under the 2018 farm bill because they don't contain THC. The director of Ohio's Hemp department says not so fast. He states any plant or seed that will produce cannabis that will be over .03 THC is considered illegal under federal law. Ohio requires hemp products to be tested and labeled however, it does not provide a user-friendly way to get this done. We are also told that for a person to use hemp for personal use they need to demonstrate they are growing 1k plants at the place of residence unless they have a farm that would be a challenge.

Another gray area is guns and cannabis. Under federal law, you can not use cannabis and own a gun. Many Ohio residents would not get into the medical cannabis program because of their CCW. Ohio not only dropped the CCW requirement but also accepted a CCW as a form of proof of residency in Ohio to obtain a medical cannabis card.

Thanks for reading this blog post I would love to know your thoughts on this news

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I’d be happy to see rec. sales in June! I know prices will probably be whacky at first but eventually the program will level out. Also, Hopefully marijuana passes federally soon!!!

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Tim G
Tim G
31 mar

Ohio gotta compete with Michigan prices that's what it's gon come down to. They will still force patients to the black market and Michigan if they wanna raise prices.

Me gusta
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