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Ohio Dispensary News April 2022

No one has heard anything from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy about the recent dispensary lottery that would give Ohio 73 new Ohio Medical Marijunana Dispensaries . I have asked for a interview or update anything that I could tell patients and its been silence crickets . This is all we have see official statement from January 2022


The drawings for provisional dispensary licenses (PDLs) were held on Thursday, January 27, 2022. The Board will not be able to announce which applicants are to be awarded a PDL until it has fully reviewed the applications to determine if the top-ranked applicants are eligible to obtain a PDL. The results of the drawing and a frequently asked questions document can be accessed using the following links: "

Ohio did get 1 new Dispensary Amplify located in Cleveland Heights area owned by Ohio Cultivator Buckeye Relief . This gives Ohio a total of 58 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

Another Dispensary Zen Leaf Canton Ohio owned by Verano relocated its Dispensary to a new location this is first Dispensary to relocate in Ohio. Many believe the reason Zen Leaf relocated is because they had the one and only Ohio dispensary and cultivation site all in the same building . Just imagine how good it smelled every time you walk in the dispensary lobby . Its hard to say if having the dispensary and cultivation site in the same building was actually legal under Ohio Law.

In other dispensary news that no one else mentioned Ohio Cannabis Company Coshocton and Ohio Provisions Carol where sold to a company called Ascend Cannabis . Ascend Cannabis appears to be a multi state operator who operates in at least 5 states they also have cultivation in other states . Both Dispensaries have changed their names to Ascend Cannabis and their website isnt very accessible I can only access it if I get on my phone and turn my wifi off which is strange .

Hopefully we get some news about the lottery soon .

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Lynette B
Lynette B
Apr 13, 2022

They want a chance to fully review those who gave $5000 each, shouldn’t they have done that before they accepted the money!?!Gheeze! And how long does it actually take, it’ll be three months before you know it!

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