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Ohio Medical Marijuana Ounces now 100 dollars or less . Don't Over Pay

In state where everything is over priced and over taxed I was able to purchase a full ounce of legal Ohio Medical Marijuana for 68 dollars and some change after my discount. The regular price was only 100.00 .

The strain is Runtz

The Cultivator Green Thumb Industries or Gti or Shine .

Product listed as smalls but looks more like popcorn.

Smells amazing

close to 4 month cure




Pain Relief

Ohio has 95 licensed Medical Marijuana dispensaries with several more scheduled to come on line in the coming weeks and months.

If you are not active in the program you can get in the program with

a special discount . Visit and use code OCL420 and save 25 dollars off the cost of a Medical Marijuana renewal or recommendation anywhere in the United States that has a active medical cannabis program.

If for some reason this option is still to much please feel free to reach out we have other programs to help you. If you are a veteran or disabled we can help you get deep discounts.

I wrote this article to let people know prices in the medical cannabis program are falling .

About the Author

Anthony D Riley is the founder of Ohio Cannabis Live and is a advocate content creator and a patient in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program.

For media inquiries email

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