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Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient Registry actually be fixed?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Over the past several days me and many other patients have been checking the states Medical Marijuana Patient Registry a system tied to a drug abuse monitoring system called Oarrs to see if the correct amount of days remaining is correct. So far it has been .

You can check your own on my website

This link takes you to a page on my website with one button that takes you directly to the states patient registry.

Since the beginning of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program this system has been incorrect and often full of math errors. If this is the system the state uses to monitor opiod abuse I wonder how bad the numbers are on that side ..🤔

Patients and advocates have concerns about medical cannabis patients information stored in this database being available to various agencies and businesses that have nothing to do with the Ohio Medical Marijuana program such law enforcement and drug pharmacies.

Some of the information stored in this system includes the name of medical marijuana products when and where they were purchased and the amounts. This specific information isn't available to the patients they can only see how many days have been used and how many are remaining.

In my opinion cannabis is not a opiod therefore it should not be tracked in the same way opiod abuse or use is tracked.

We need a separate system created to track this information and patients should have easy access to it via a app or online portal.

When you checked your days in the patient registry after reading this article where your days correct?


Anthony Riley

Ohio Cannabis Live

I am sorry for any errors typos in the article they will be corrected

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