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Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Remains silent on rules to eliminate Tier System

Last may 2020 the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Board had a virtual meeting to propose rules that would change the 2.8 unit to and 2.5.

This would also change a daily unit from 2 day unit to 1 day unit .

In addition a rule change was proposed to eliminate what patients know as the Tier system.

They also proposed a rule that would change the total amount of plant material a patient could purchase in a 90 day period.

I am attaching to this post screen shots of my email to pharmacy asking for clarification on these rules changes.

Based on the information I have regarding public participation in the rule making process we as Medical Cannabis Patient are not getting a fair and honest chance to provide public comments.

The Board pharmacy only allows patients to send in comments to a email address

Public testimony is a option however many patients don't use email very often so they are often unaware off the opportunity to participate. I asked the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program via email for a virtual town hall meeting to allow patients to address issues that they are concerned about. Such as patients access, patients protection, conflict resolution and product quality .

I also wanted add education for all Ohio residents about the benefits of cannabis and why they legalized it so people will have better education and understanding why so many people use it.

I received a email from Sharon Moore declining the meeting without any reason.

Any rules changes to our program should have public hearings before the rule change can be finalized. I have attached the guide to publication in the email I sent pharmacy if you would like a copy please email me

Every patient in the program should have been sent this guide.

In case you didn't know this I run this and my other website by myself I am disabled with a traumatic brain injury I am on social security so I really need patients and general public to come together to achieve cannabis reform and improve our program.

I support

Delivery of cannabis

Home grow of cannabis

Employment and housing Protection

Universal operating and product quality standards

Fair and honest pricing

I want more qualifications conditions like autism ,anxiety, and opioid addiction.

I support patients right to smoke and use whatever method they choose freely.

I want peoples records cleared of any cannabis crimes .

I want free doctor recommendations

I can't do it alone I need everyone to come together my health has gotten worse and I don't have money to pay anyone so any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏

Anthony Riley

Ohio Cannabis Live Founder

Feel free to email me anytime

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