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Ohio's New Cannabis Control Proposals: Will Your Voice Make a Difference?

Updated: Feb 2

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Ohio's New Cannabis Control

Hey there, Ohio cannabis community! 🌿 It's an exciting time for us as the Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) is welcoming your insights on some proposed rule changes. This is your chance to shape the future of cannabis in Ohio, and we're here to break it down for you!

Medical Marijuana Patient & Caregiver Registration Fee Elimination

First up, the DCC is considering rescinding the annual registration fee for medical marijuana patients ($50) and caregivers ($25). This is big news! If you're a patient or caregiver, staying registered in the Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) means continuing to consult with a physician about your qualifying condition and accessing medical marijuana from current dispensaries. Plus, MMCP patients won't be subject to the excise tax on non-medical marijuana sales. 🩺💚

Medical Marijuana Processor Renewal Fee Reduction

Next, there's a proposal to slash the annual license renewal fee for medical marijuana processors from $100,000 to $50,000. That's a 50% reduction! This could be a game-changer for processors, potentially leading to more growth and innovation in the industry. 💼🌱

Medical Marijuana Provisional Employee Identification Card

The DCC also wants to introduce a provisional employee badge to speed up the hiring process in the medical marijuana industry. This badge allows new employees to start work upon submitting an application, attesting they don't have disqualifying offenses, and undergoing background checks. The provisional card is valid for 90 days, ensuring a faster onboarding process while maintaining safety and compliance. 👷‍♂️🔍

Adult Use Cannabis License Applications

And there's more! For information on adult use cannabis license applications, click here. 📄✍️

We Need Your Input!

Your thoughts and feedback are vital in shaping these rules. You can submit your comments to by Friday, February 9, 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to have your voice heard in the process.

The DCC will review all comments before moving forward with the Common Sense Initiative and the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. This means there will be more chances for you to participate and make a difference.

Let's Discuss!

We encourage you to share your thoughts and comments right here on this post too. Let's have a healthy discussion about these proposed changes. What do you think about these proposals? How do they affect you or your business? Your input is crucial, not just for the DCC but for the entire Ohio cannabis community.

Together, let's contribute to a brighter, greener future in Ohio! 🌟🍃

Should the state eliminate the yearly fee ?

  • Yes

  • No

7 comentários

Sam Smalley
Sam Smalley
02 de fev.

Seriously, someone took the time to put this email together and the biggest part is the YES/NO question at the end & the question is “Should we get read of the fee?” SERIOUSLY!!! How bout some proofreading!! Or is it proof-ridding?? It’s “should we get RID of the fee”!!!

Respondendo a

Corrected it reset the results that's why we didn't adjust it typos happen . Thanks for pointing it out for us .


Ken Owens
Ken Owens
01 de fev.

I would like them to allow elderly with health problems to be accompanied into the dispensary with spouse or family member to help them at the counter.


Aya Arai
Aya Arai
31 de jan.

We should try and eliminate the day system for medical card holders .

Everyone has the same amount of days for their qualifying health problem. 

Everyone uses different products some may work better then other products, sometimes it's a hit or miss finding the best products. This uses up days and sometimes even using the ones that we know work well for us we can still run out of days .

Think about it this way .

You wouldn't give ALL diabetics the same prescription or treatment. Everyone is different and have different needs . 

Why should it all be the same in the medical marijuana program. 

Some people use more then others just like some people may need to…

Respondendo a

I agree with that 💯


Simon Dunkle
Simon Dunkle
30 de jan.

Not only should State Fees be lowered, but limits should be set on what License Purveyors/Doctors can charge. In addition, the State needs to stay out of the Prescription Limit conversation, that's between a Patient and their Doctor(45 day cycles??). RSO and other Medications should NOT be limited by State decisions, but decided by a Licensed Medical Marijuana Physician. Lastly, you can't ignore Patient & Consumer Rights. We need oversight and follow -up from the Health Department and access to reliable Testing Facilities, along with a State Testing Program, across the Market, at least once a year. Take the State of Maine's shocking reality to heart. Executive Director Ohio NORML

Respondendo a

I agree 💯

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