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Results From Ohio Dispensary Survey

Thank you to the 116 patients who completed the survey a complete list of the counties we got feedback from will be added later . I am attaching screen shots of each question below .

The survey was shared on social media and patients had until 5/24 to submit responses.

No personal information was collected only the county was collected.

The majority of the questions where yes or no .

Based 116 completed surveys

67 percent of patients who completed this survey live within 10 miles of a dispensary.

76 percent describe some time of waiting when they arrive at the dispensary.

50 Percent say the wait is about 10 minutes 17 percent say the wait is 30 minutes or longer

76 percent say they have to wait online outside

60 percent say curbside pickup is not available at their dispensary

87 percent say online ordering is available at their dispensary

61 percent say you can order products over the phone

58 percent say prices at there dispensary are not fair compared to dispensaries in other locations

74 percent say bud tenders at their dispensary are knowledgeable

94 percent say they feel safe at the dispensary.

There is additional information below in the pictures

Results can be emailed upon request via

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