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Who Won Ohio Dispensary Lottery ?

As of writing this it is not clear who all the winners of the drawing are . We have heard some familiar brands mentioned such as Klutch Buckeye Relief and Standard Wellness as winners but there are 73 new licenses. Ohio residents have a right to know this information it should be public. A list was released which I am attaching it to this post however it looks a lot like the same list that was released before the drawing . I asked the Ohio Board of Pharmacy for a interview they didn't respond I hope they will give us some answers soon .

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i would be willing to bet that very few of those who "won" this lottery will not pass muster; I am sure they have done their homework. In every case searched, the applicants have multiple applications into the state; these are big time operations. In SW2, we are getting three more dispensaries and I would bet that the licenses will almost surely go to the first three listed. Certainly no more than one of those first three will be disqualified. Just my 2 cents.

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