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Breaking News: No More Cannabis at Ohio Bars? Here's the Unexpected Twist Post-Issue 2

cannabis on a table in ohio
people using cannabis at a bar in Ohio

December 17 2023

Breaking News: No More Cannabis at Ohio Bars? Here's the Unexpected Twist Post-Issue 2

Hey Ohio cannabis enthusiasts! Got plans to light up at your favorite bar's patio? Hold that thought! Ohio's recent legalization of adult marijuana use (hooray for Issue 2!) has stirred up some crucial details you need to know before your next outing.

The Buzz and the Buzzkill

Since Issue 2's passage on November 7, 2023, there's been a mix of excitement and confusion. We all cheered for legalization, but here's the twist: Bars and restaurants with liquor licenses can't allow marijuana use on their premises. Why? Because, under Ohio law, marijuana still counts as a controlled substance. So, lighting up at a bar could lead to trouble for both you and the establishment.

Business Owners' Balancing Act

Bars with popular patios, like Lily's Dayton and Blind Bob's, are adapting fast. They're training staff and putting up signs to remind us: no cannabis smoking. For places like Little York Tavern and Pizza, it's business as usual since they already discourage marijuana use on their patios.

Seeking Clarity Amidst Confusion

There's a fair share of head-scratching going on. Business owners and patrons alike are looking for clear guidelines. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is stepping up, planning to offer info sessions and hoping for clearer laws, much like Colorado's stance on public marijuana use.

Your Role in This

So, what does this mean for you, the cannabis-loving patron? It's simple: enjoy your cannabis responsibly and away from bars with liquor licenses. This way, you keep your favorite hangouts safe from legal hassles and enjoy your cannabis without worry.

Staying Informed

Stay tuned for more updates as Ohio navigates these new waters. Remember, understanding and respecting these rules means a smoother, happier cannabis experience for everyone. So, next time you plan a bar outing, maybe save the green for a more cannabis-friendly spot.

Keep it legal, keep it fun, and as always, stay informed!

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Dec 20, 2023

I think this is ridiculous! We are suppose to be relegating marijuana like it’s alcohol but now we are wanting to fine businesses that allows people to go outside and smoke just because they serve alcohol inside. Ohio is making all these stupid laws trying to get us to give up so the program will eventually fade away, but I’ll continue to fight for what’s right. Business owners should be able to decide their self if they want to allow people to smoke marijuana.

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