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Some Ohio Dispensaries could be selling recreational cannabis by Next Week.

Updated: Jun 10

6/9/2024 Updated

Written by Mastamynd

woman looking at cannabis in dispensary
lady looking at cannabis in dispensary

Some Ohio Dispensaries could be selling recreational cannabis by Next Week.

We previously mentioned an email that was sent by Rise Dispensaries with the subject "Re: What you need to know about Ohio Adult-Use cannabis"

The email implied their dispensaries would be ready for recreational sales on 6/10.

We removed the screenshot from this post to ensure everyone understands Rise Dispensaries will not sell recreational cannabis on 6/10.

Rise Dispensary has been contacted and they are saying the email was sent in error and instead we were given another date 6/24/2024. This may not be accurate for them or any other dispensary. It depends on how long the Division of Cannabis Control processes the dual license applications.

Our sources have also told us that each dispensary applying for a dual license will have an inspection before the license can be issued.

The Division of Cannabis Control is now accepting applications for dual license applications. Our sources tell us that the computer system used for point-of-sale Dutchie will be ready next week and dispensaries are in scramble mode to prepare for an influx of customers.

We have also been told that recreational customers will only be able to purchase 1 ounce of flower,10 packs of 110 mg edibles, and 10 vapes at 590 mg each on the first day of sales(source Terrasana Cannabis Instagram 6/6/24) to prevent dispensaries from selling out of product. Cannabis products that will be available to recreational consumers will be the same products medical cannabis patients purchase. Medical Cannabis patients will not have to pay the recreational sales taxes which will be 10 percent and local sales taxes so it will still be savings available for medical cannabis patients as well they will still be able to purchase their full 45-day allotment which is about 4 and a half ounces.

Terrasana Cannabis Post about Recreational Sales in Ohio
Instagram Post Terrasana Cannabis

As writing this post the only legal way to get cannabis in Ohio is by home-growing it yourself or from a medical cannabis dispensary there are 124 licensed Medical Cannabis dispensaries in Ohio.

We are going to be at a dispensary that will be selling recreational cannabis as soon as they get licensed we will announce where we will be.

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Not sure how medical patients feel about these price increases but I cant afford them. example Klutch 10ths went from $36 to $48.50 , Botanist raised their prices on half's mind you overnite from $95 to $150 their Highway Lights was $75 yesterday today it is $120 with a 20% off posted so its normal price now doubled to $150. I am hearing all producers are only going to produce 10ths . Let the rec. customers pay $500 an ounce. I cant afford these prices. Medical patients are getting screwed


As a medical patient I feel this is bad news for us . Prices are already been increased supply is limited already just wait. We as medical patients are going to have to settle for the scraps left over. Not happy with this rollout . They should not sell rec. until they have rec. product to sell. This is going to screw us. Ounce per visit . We sold our soul for home grow that they are actively trying to take away . Should have left well enough alone

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