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Time to Act: Addressing Hostility Against Women in Ohio's Cannabis Industry

women in the cannabis industry
Women stand united in the Ohio Cannabis Industry

Time to Act: Addressing Hostility Against Women in Ohio's Cannabis Industry


Ohio's budding cannabis industry faces a critical challenge: ensuring a fair and respectful

workplace for women. With the gender pay gap and "grass ceiling" persistently hindering progress, it's clear that the culture within these spaces needs a profound transformation.

Recent studies highlight that only 8% of cannabis CEOs are women, signaling a massive opportunity for change. But this isn't just about leadership roles; gender-based discrimination and implicit bias pervade every level of the industry, from entry-level positions to the C-suite​​​​.

In Ohio, stories from Reddit to direct reports to our platform paint a stark picture of the daily realities for women in the industry. Reports of lower pay, sexual harassment, inappropriate touching, and a culture of silence due to fear of retaliation are alarmingly common.

This needs to end now.

We urge women who've faced such adversity to speak up. Share your stories. Your courage can pave the way for others and incite industry-wide reform. Contact us confidentially at

We are at a turning point. By fostering a diverse, inclusive workforce and systematically addressing discrimination, we can build a stronger, more equitable industry​​.

Let's create a cannabis community in Ohio where everyone thrives. Share. Speak out. Drive change.


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