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Ohio Bar Owners Get Second Warning about Cannabis Use


Written by Mastamynd

woman smoking weed
woman smoking cannabis

Ohio bar owners get a second warning from the Ohio Division of Liquor Control reminding them that any use of cannabis products on the premises where a liquor license is held could result in the loss of their liquor license.

As we get closer to the summer months many groups are planning cannabis-themed events and will need to ensure these events are at venues that do not serve alcohol.

Public consumption is not permited in Ohio. Cannabis use is only permitted on private property.

Business owners who own bars are split on the rule some support it and others do not.

How do you feel about this should smoking cannabis be permited at Bars and restaurants on the patio?

If cannabis is regulated like Alcohol do you believe public consumption should be permited?

I don't drink anymore so I don't think Alcohol and Cannabis mix that's my opinion. I am over 10 years sober. I also want to know if you think Ohio should permit consumption lounges. As Ohio gets closer to adult-use sales we are going to see a tourism boom in Ohio and I think small Ohio businesses could tap into this new green market. Be sure to tune into my live stream every Friday at 420 on YouTube search Ohio Cannabis Live and subscribe to the channel.

About the Author of this Post

Anthony D Riley is an active Ohio Medical Cannabis Patient who was one of the first people to make a purchase of Medical Cannabis in Ohio. Anthony suffers from a traumatic brain injury and has many other serious health issues. Since 2019 Anthony has created over 800 videos about Ohio Cannabis. This post was not written using A.I.

You can contact Anthony at


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