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Ohio Dept of Cannabis Control Takes a Stand: No Room for 'Stoner Culture'

Updated: Feb 23

February 22 2024

Ohio Cannabis Department Takes a Stand: No Room for 'Stoner Culture' in the Legal Framework

The Ohio Department of Cannabis Control has taken a bold stance that's stirring up conversations across the cannabis community. The department's leader, Canepa, has made it clear: there's no place for 'stoner culture' in Ohio's legal cannabis scene. This has sparked an outcry from cannabis enthusiasts who feel that their culture is being unfairly targeted.

Adding to the heat, recent events in Ohio saw the cannabis community come together, with sales of clones and seeds taking center stage. Despite these being traditional aspects of cannabis culture, the state has expressed its concerns, citing a lack of legal framework for such transactions. Critics argue that the 2018 US Farm Bill should provide a basis for these activities, yet Ohio's Hemp department insists the law is being misinterpreted.

The tension between established dispensaries and newcomers is palpable. Current dispensaries are on a fast track to obtain dual licenses for medical and recreational sales. At the same time, potential new entrants are told to wait for two years. This delay raises fears that lawmakers might alter the framework of Issue 2, possibly affecting social equity licenses meant for minorities and those impacted by low-level cannabis crimes.

Issue 2's equity component is a critical facet, yet it seems overshadowed by the upcoming midterms. There's a pressing need for clear communication on which lawmakers support the original intent of Issue 2 and which ones may be looking to reshape it, potentially diverting tax revenue to prisons and police, restricting home cultivation, and limiting licensing.

Ohio's cannabis community is now at a crossroads, looking to preserve the inclusive and diverse culture that has long defined them while navigating the new legal landscape set forth by state regulators.

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Jen J
Jen J
Feb 25

WOW, nice name calling, "stoner culture" to me that's equal to calling anyone that has had a beer or glass of wine alcoholics. Seems pretty extreme to me to help bring more people on their side. Why shouldn't people that enjoy smoking at the end of the day or go out and partake on the weekend not have the right as people that smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol? I'm I one of the few that would like to see people have more rights then less like it already seem so many are trying to push us towards? Thanks for letting me state my opinion.


Sadly, Mr. Canepa sounds like a Parent, who realizes he's lost control over his Children. The "Stoner Culture", got us here. Calling Marijuana Users, "The Stoner Culture", shows more intent from State Officials. They don't feel we as Human Beings, are capable of managing ourselves, our lives or our chosen habits. That statement shows a complete lack of knowledge, while reinforcing discriminatory attitudes towards Marijuana and it's consumers. If HE represents our "oversight", we're in trouble. Starting our relationship with derogatory, condescending Statements, shows we'll probably get more Discrimination, no Criminal Justice Reform or Social Equity. Marijuana will fund the Police, to make more arrests over Marijuana. They don't want Legalization, their actions continue to prove that. They want the…

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