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URGENT: Ohio's Medical Cannabis Patients Stranded! Technical Glitch Impacts Access

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Ohio's Medical Cannabis Patients Affected by OARRS Technical Glitch

During Green Wednesday Sales Event

When the technical error initially occurred on November 24th, medical cannabis patients faced constraints, limiting their purchases to a 4-day supply, roughly equating to 8 grams of medical cannabis. However, by Friday, following the Board of Pharmacy's directive to dispensaries to temporarily cease reliance on the OARRS system for verification, patients were once again able to procure their needed medication without previous restrictions.

Dispensaries continued to verify the validity of patients' medical cannabis cards using alternative means, ensuring adherence to state regulations.

This hiccup severely impacted patients, especially during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Notably, Green Wednesday, a special sales event in the cannabis industry just before Thanksgiving, was disrupted due to the malfunction.

The system error interfered with planned dispensary promotions, affecting patients' access to their intended medication during this crucial time.Now, with dispensaries employing alternative verification methods while the OARRS system is inactive, patients can once again obtain their medical cannabis without the previous limitations.What are your thoughts on how such technical glitches impact patients' access to essential medication during critical periods?

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How do you think this will impact the adult use program that will kick off on 12/7/2023 ?

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