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Ohio is on track to begin adult-use cannabis sales in June 2024

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woman smells cannabis


Written by Mastamynd

This week has been filled with Ohio Cannabis news on 5/13/2024 the Ohio Division of Cannabis Control notified Medical Cannabis patients and stakeholders via email the state's mmj registration fee would be eliminated on 5/15/2024. See the official email from the Ohio Dept of Cannabis Control. Right now people have to pay a penny it used to be 50 dollars. You will still need to pay the doctor's fee Now we got the exciting news that the framework for adult-use cannabis sales is making progress and this means adult-use cannabis sales could begin in June 2024 instead of September 2024.

Email from Ohio DCC
Email from Division of Cannabis Control 5/13

Existing Medical Cannabis Dispensaries would be able to sell cannabis to adults 21 and older with a valid state ID or driver's license. These would be the same cannabis products medical cannabis patients currently purchase today. People always ask me what is the benefit of having an Ohio Medical Cannabis Card. The answer remains the same its cost. Recreational consumers will pay an extra 10 percent sales tax. Even if you travel to Michigan having a mmj card can also save you money on sales tax there too.

Getting an Ohio Medical Cannabis Card has become more affordable and easier to obtain via our partner The process is 100 percent online there are no tests you speak to a doctor in minutes and you do not have to leave the comfort of your home.

If you are interested in obtaining a medical cannabis card click the button below to visit our partner's website Leafwell is licensed in the state of Ohio to provide Ohio Medical Cannabis Recommendations.

On 4/23/2024 the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program awarded a Dispensary Certificate of Operation to Off the Charts, located at 3145 Salem Ave., Dayton.

Ohio has now issued 123 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Certificates of Operation. A total of 157 dispensaries have been awarded licenses although some of these dispensaries have closed

or are struggling to stay open. Most Ohio residents are traveling to Michigan not realizing there are so many Dispensaries are now open or that the price of cannabis in Ohio has dropped . You can find ounces of cannabis in Ohio dispensaries for 129 dollars sometimes less. In Columbus, they have 15 dispensaries making it a very competitive market. Vape cartridges can be purchased for under 15 dollars depending on the brand name and type.

New adult-use cannabis consumers will have to learn about Ohio's online ordering systems to order cannabis online. Ohio also has several dispensaries with Drive-Thrus. Some dispensaries have over 200 different cannabis flower products to choose from while others have a very limited menu. Existing medical cannabis patients will still get discounts for being indigent or on disability. This is another benefit of having a medical cannabis card.

New adult use consumers will have to fill out an intake form which is used to build a profile in the dispensary system this is common practice in other recreational states. This is also how you get signed up for deals. One of the big problems for Ohio is the restrictions on Cannabis advertising. Many Ohio Medical Cannabis companies have been advertising on Instagram. Most social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook are critical of consumers and businesses related to the legal cannabis industry.

Here is an interactive map the state of Ohio has put together to see where all the licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensaries are. Just Click the green button

If you want to peak at some dispensaries' menus here is a button to another website that I built that lists some of the dispensaries but not all of them yet.

Last what about the social equity licenses?

There will be 50 dispensary licenses and 40 cultivator licenses available. The qualifications for these licenses have not been formally announced we do know that the Ohio Minority Business Development Division will be responsible for managing the process to qualify for those licenses.

Here is a link to their website

Please let me know how you feel about this in the comment section below.

bout the Author of this Post

Anthony D Riley is an active Ohio Medical Cannabis Patient who was one of the first people to make a purchase of Medical Cannabis in Ohio. Anthony suffers from a traumatic brain injury and has many other serious health issues. Since 2019 Anthony has created over 800 videos about Ohio Cannabis. This post was not written using A.I.

You can contact Anthony at 

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